Thursday, August 02, 2007

Usability Blown Wide Open

The need for usability and accessibility while not compromising functionality ...

"Usability defined
I’m often asked what usability or User centred design is and how long it’s been around and I struggle to give a simple answer. It was around way before the Internet. Take industrial product design or VB programming for Windows as examples and it is about the ergonomic, interaction experience.

The basic principle is making a website easy to use and easy to learn, ensuring that the user can accomplish his task easily.

However, it still remains firmly grounded in the “Functional world” of Internet design and is yet to become a commonly used tool in brand and marketing.

How does it fit in with marketing?
To understand how your customers will react to your latest online campaign or website presence you need to ensure that both the product USPs and customer needs are understood and met.

You may have the “latest”, “fastest” and “easiest to use” digital camera in the market place, but if your customer struggles to understand these points within the first few seconds of exposure to your site, advert or message then all is lost.

Creativity is good but don’t over indulge the brand
Particularly bad examples of this are sites or ads that are cryptic, expecting the user to interact because they will be intrigued.

A major camera manufacture is currently running a micro site for a range of cameras with an interactive game. The aim of the game is to take photos of moving objects; each level shows off a different feature of the camera.

A great idea but a typical demonstration of over indulgence in brand over design, with little consideration to the demonstration of the USPs and meeting the user’s requirements."    (Continued via creativematch)    [Usability Resources]


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