Monday, September 17, 2007

Double-Sided Touch Screens – An Interesting New Interface

When multitouch will hit the market ...

"Multitouch user interfaces have gained considerable attention with the début of the Apple iPhone and Microsoft Surface products. Although multitouch screens may well prove to be an even more versatile type of input device than keypads, they are not without problems. This is in part due to the fact that the user’s fingers are as much a hindrance as they are a tool. The more often the user touches the screen, the more often the content is occluded. The problem gets worse as the touch screen gets smaller since the user’s fingers get larger in proportion to the size of the content.

Microsoft, Mitsubishi, and the University of Toronto are collaborating on a solution to this problem that they have named LucidTouch. It is a mobile platform with a double-sided touch screen system. Users can interact with the 7", 800×480 pixel screen of the prototype by the conventional means of the front surface through a resistive touch screen. In addition, users can choose to manipulate objects by touching a sensor pad on the back of the device.

Microsoft has not indicated what product applications might use the new technology. Nonetheless, its form factor suggests it could be used in an ultra-mobile PC or PDA. Photos of a prototype appearing on a Microsoft researcher’s Web site included those of the device being used as a GPS unit and a gaming platform.

The photos also suggest that some prototypes are being co-developed by Hewlett-Packard’s Compaq division, which has worked with Microsoft in the past on Tablet PCs."    (Continued via Display Daily)    [Usability Resources]

HP Multitouch - Usability, User Interface Design

HP Multitouch


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