Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fancy Formatting, Fancy Words = Looks Like a Promotion = Ignored

What people read on a homepage ...

"One site did most things right, but still had a miserable 14% success rate for its most important task. The reason? Users ignored a key area because it resembled a promotion.

Putting the answer to a typical user's main question in big red type at the top of your homepage would guarantee high usability, right? Wrong — at least for the U.S. Census Bureau's homepage, where 86% of users failed to find the country's current population when it was presented in large red numbers.

In a reduced screenshot, the population count is the only information that's clearly readable, so it makes the task easier than it is in real life. On the actual site, users often ignored the big red characters."    (Continued via Alertbox)    [Usability Resources]

Census Homepage - Usability, User Interface Design

Census Homepage


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