Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Sign-In Travesty

The problem with sign-in pages ...

"One of the most common design elements that stops users in their tracks is the sign-in page. A poorly-designed sign-in page can prevent users from proceeding with their task, thereby dramatically increasing abandonment rates.

We recently encountered this problem, in its full glory, at the site, while observing users registering for the fall SAT courses.

Upon starting the registration process, the user is faced with this screen:

Of course, the user now needs to know if they have an account or not. If the user is a parent with multiple children, they may have an account, having signed a sibling up previously. Or maybe they signed the student up for another test. However, these scenarios could’ve happened years before, so remembering the user id or the password may not work.

The user may try a common user name/password combination. However, if the user name is unrecognized by the system, it generates an error:"    (Continued via UIE Brain Sparks)    [Usability Resources]

College Board Sign-in - Usability, User Interface Design

College Board Sign-in


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