Thursday, September 27, 2007

Time For A Site Redesign?

Reasons for a site redesign ...

"Since the 1990s, usability experts and site visitors have been chanting the same web design mantra: Make your site easy-to-use, professional... easy-to-use, professional...

Research into how people interact with sites shows that visitors make snap judgements—often within seven seconds of landing at our virtual doorsteps. In fact, the Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility Study found (not surprisingly) people evaluate a site largely on its visual design. If the site looks professional, that look enhances the company's credibility.

An outdated, non-intuitive, unprofessional site can hurt your online image—and excellent reason to undertake a redesign. Similarly, you may have had a shift in business goals that open the door to change. Some companies, however, blindly revamp their sites for no apparent reason other than they are tired of the existing color scheme. For most companies, and especially for small companies on limited budgets, undertaking a redesign is a non-trivial expense. Still, how can you tell if an existing site is on the verge of needing a redesign or has even far exceeded its usefulness? Here are nine questions to guide your decision.

1. Do your analytics show your site is performing?

2. What specific elements of your site are good (and bad)?

3. Are you willing to upset your visitors by introducing change?

4. Does your current site design comply with Internet standards and accepted practices?"    (Continued via Search Engine Land)    [Usability Resources]


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