Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Usability: Bringing User Centered Design Inside The Organization

Building UCD into your organization ...

"Getting an organization to start appreciating the value of usability and user-centered design is not an easy task. Imagine, getting them into using it!

The greatest obstacle is generally posed by the many organization stakeholders not wanting to change their established rules and practices, workflows and methods. Their resistance is as much due to a natural instinct for protecting what they have built with lots of effort over time as well as by their personal ignorance about the impact that their practices have on the overall business sustainability of their published information.

If content is hard to find, difficult to navigate, too small to read, you may have the greatest servers and the latest database technology but the readers of your organization web site content will spend less and less time using your information as a reference. Unless you are the only one to provide such information and want to keep exploiting your established information monopoly, sooner or later you will need to come to grips with this stuff.

Unless you start looking at how you publish your content from a user-centered point of view, you are bound to miss over many opportunities for significantly improving your readers loyalty and satisfaction, while gradually decreasing the value, interest and relevance of your online content.

Having instead someone inside the organization who can act as a "champion" for the new ideas, changes and required new approaches to information design can make a universe of difference.

... Trying to get the spirit of usability and user-centered design (UCD) established internally can be a difficult and isolating experience, even for the most determined user champion.

Introducing change of any kind in organisations is difficult at the best of times, doubly so when you have to break through the concrete walls of 'process' and 'methodology'. The emotional journey of trying to introduce usability is no different to that of a revolutionary, desperately trying to change the status quo through various guerrilla tactics.

This article offers practical advice of what a user champion can do to introduce and embed usability and user-centered design within a company."    (Continued via Robin Good)    [Usability Resources]

Unlock UCD In Your Organization - Usability, User Interface Design

Unlock UCD In Your Organization


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