Thursday, September 20, 2007

Usability - Not as we know it!

A scholarly paper in PDF format about YouTube usability testing ...

"YouTube has been the Internet success story of 2006. However, when subjected to conventional usability evaluation it appears to fail miserably. With this and other social Web services, the purpose of the user is fun, uncertainty, engagement and self-expression.

Web2.0 has turned the passive 'user' into an active producer of content and shaper of the ultimate user experience. This more playful, more participative, often joyful use of technology appears to conflict with conventional usability, but we argue that a deeper 'usability' emerges that respects the user's purposes whether acting as homo ludens."    (Continued via BCS)    [Usability Resources]

YouTube Home Page - Usability, User Interface Design

ouTube Home Page


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