Monday, September 10, 2007

Why Protoscript?

Prototyping with Protoscript ...

"Ok, the last thing in my mind when I created Protoscript was for it to be YAT (yet another toolkit).

I have been asked several times what really makes this different than toolkits like jQuery. And what is the compelling reason that someone would use Protoscript.

The motivation is straightforward:

* Prototyping is too hard for non-techies

The reasons Protoscript can help solve some of the difficulties with prototyping are as follows:

* Simplifying how we express interactions is a good thing
* Behavior injection is a powerful iterative design tool
* Plug-in Behaviors guarantee a growing set of prototyping solutions
* By focusing on prototyping, things get simpler

Prototyping is Too Hard for Non-Techies
The end goal of Protoscript is a simple GUI that will allow non-techies to:

* Go to any web page
* Sprinkle simple to complex interactions onto that page
* Do all this without writing code, but simply through an intuitive interface

I am a huge proponent of breaking down the barriers for the non-techies among us to be able to do what us techie geeks can do.

I have been fortunate to work with some awesome talent, many of which do not have the skills, the time or patience to prototype in Javascript.

Do I want to exclude them from the party? No.

If I can let more team members literally play with a working site and tease out better interactions then I have raised the state of the art (even if ever so slightly)."    (Continued via Looks Good Works Well)    [Usability Resources]


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