Saturday, October 20, 2007

14 Usability Tips for Login and My Account Pages

Brief and handy usability tips ...

"Sites that require users to log in to access certain information and/or purchase products add an additional layer of potential complication to the usability process. To avoid potential visitor confusion and the possibility for errors, it is important that any login process requires little or no thought on the part of the site visitor.

Once logged in, you must be sure that visitors are able to find the information they want and expect to find. My Account pages need to provide visitors with access and ability to view and change personal information, as necessary.

Login Access
Access to any login page (or the login form itself) should be available consistently across all pages of the site. Be sure the form or link is obvious and easily differentiated from other areas of the web page.

If the information behind your login contains sensitive data, you need to use the appropriate security protocols, assuring visitors that that you take their information’s security seriously.

If visitors are not already registered a link to a new user registration form should be present. It’s also smart to have a global link to “register” for any new visitors to the site.

Account benefits
Non registered visitors should be treated to benefits of account registration. This information should be located on the same page as the new user registration form.

Lost password
All login forms should contain an option to reclaim passwords and/or username should they have been forgotten. This information must also be passed securely."    (Continued via E-Marketing Performance)    [Usability Resources]


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