Monday, October 01, 2007

iPhone Human Interface Guidelines

UI Guidelines for iPhone, an online document ...

"Apple’s iPhone presents a revolutionary user interface and interaction model. Users can view webpages, use web applications, and use built-in iPhone features, such as the email application, the iPod, and the digital camera, wherever they go. Safari on iPhone, a unique implementation of Safari, is the application users use to browse the web on both iPhone and iPod touch.

This document introduces you to the iPhone environment and how it shapes the user experience of iPhone content. Then, it explains how to design a superlative user interface for your web content so it displays and works well on iPhone. It does this by first examining different types of iPhone content and exploring how you can decide which type to create. It then discusses how to apply user interface design principles to iPhone content, and finally provides numerous metrics and guidelines to help you handle specific design issues. For the implementation details and guidance you need to write the code for your iPhone product, see the “See Also” section below.

Whether you’re an experienced web content developer or an application developer unfamiliar with web content creation, you should read this document to find out what users expect of iPhone content and how to design content that exceeds those expectations.

If you have user interface development experience, you might be tempted to skip the sections on human interface design principles and desirable application characteristics. Although your prior knowledge of these topics is extremely useful, you’re encouraged to read these sections to learn how to apply your experience to the design of iPhone content.

iPhone and the User’s Environment

Apple’s iPhone introduces a revolutionary platform for your web content. With an innovative user interaction model and exceptional interoperability, iPhone offers significant new opportunities and a few unique challenges to web content developers."    (Continued via Apple - Developer Connection)    [Usability Resources]


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