Saturday, October 13, 2007

An online grocery shopping experience

An experience review of an online shopping site ...

"... My main goal is to get some groceries for the weekend sent to me as I’m without a car and I’m busy all day Saturday. My sub-goals are:

* to see if this is a more convenient way for me to shop in the future
* to save me the hassle of using a bus or a taxi to go to the supermarket and back again
* I want delivery either today (Friday) or Sunday

My expectations:

* to be able to choose the specific items and brands I want
* to be able to choose products from a range of dates available so I don’t have 2 dinners to be eaten within 1 day
* to have to log in with my details
* to be able to choose specific delivery times
* to be able to order items for same day or Sunday delivery

I don’t feel I’m being too unreasonable with my goals and expectations, so lets take a look and see if the site delivers.

I’m going to use Tesco’s website because thats where I do most of my shopping.

When I hit the homepage, the first place I focus on is the Groceries & Wine area which suggests that Tesco have optimised this page for what I assume is their most valuable customer journey. The top left area of the page is where I looked first and where eye tracking studies seem to suggest is a key area for users to focus.

I’m then lead through a couple of clear decision making steps to choose grocery over wine, and I’m a returning user or a new user needing to register. All is well so far. Next I arrive at a page which looses the finesse and clear layout I was used to and instead I’m faced with a large scary looking registration form. Of course I’m expecting one, but the clean layout and the well sign posted decisions to get me here had set up my expectation that it was going to be a smooth process, instead I’m faced with a large form with lots of information to read. I wonder what the drop out rates are like in the traffic stats at this point as my first thought is that maybe I should just get a lift from someone to the store instead."    (Continued via experience solutions)    [Usability Resources]

Tesco Homepage - Usability, User Interface Design

Tesco Homepage


Blogger Johnny said...

Try using instead of - it's easier to use than Tesco's own site.
From this one site, you can fill your trolley at Tesco, Asda, Saisbury's or Ocado and compare the cost of your entire trolley, before sending your trolley to the supermarket's own site for checkout. is a more visual site than the supermarkets' own sites - and also shows you how to save pounds or calories on your supermarket trolley.

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