Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Right Stuff

Ten Web design tips to remember ...

"Web design experts reveal their top 10 trademarks of stellar sites.

1. Descriptive tag lines: "Right from the home page, some companies don't do a good job of communicating what their companies do," says Hoa Loranger, a user experience specialist at the Nielsen Norman Group in Fremont, California. "If your business name isn't descriptive, you need a descriptive tag line."

2. Excellent content: Vincent Flanders, whose shines a light on bad website design, says, "You can get anyone to visit your website once, but why would anybody come back a second, third or fourth time? Content. Great content solves problems."

3. Edited text: "The gap between presentation and what users actually read is, by far, the most pervasive problem in web usability today, and among the easiest to fix," says Eric Anderson, director of agency services at White Horse Productions in Portland, Oregon. "Estimate the absolute least amount of text your users will read on your site, then cut that in half. Keep your font size at 10 points or above and your paragraph size at 120 words or [fewer]."

4. Simple design: "Overusing colors, fonts and graphics creates clutter and keeps people from focusing on your information," says Loranger. "The minimalist approach makes a site appear more professional."

5. Using text hyperlinks: If you want to feature something, use a text hyperlink instead of a graphic, says Loranger. "People have trained themselves to look away from graphics and rectangular boxes because they look like advertising," she says. "Designers include graphical elements to grab people's attention, but they backfire."    (Continued via Entrepreneur Magazine)    [Usability Resources]


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