Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's World Usability Day!

Today is World Usability Day ...

"World Usability Day was founded in 2005 with a mission to increase the public's awareness of the need to make the services and products important to human life easier to access and simpler to use. Global issues such as healthcare, education and government are addressed through expert forums, exhibits, events and initiatives in numerous locations throughout the world.

A kick-off for 2007 took place at the UPA International Conference in Austin Texas on June 13th with a program entitled “Healthcare Usability in the Trenches.” The program featured Jason Rossback, Zoll Data Systems, Theo Mandel, Ph.D, Interface Design and Development, LLC, Janine Purcell from the Veterans Health Administration and Ed Israelski from Abbott.

“The importance of user-centered design in healthcare is truly about life and death” noted Elizabeth Rosenzweig, Founder and Director of World Usability Day. “Whether it’s new medical devices or technologies; drug research, approval or delivery; patient forms or medical record sharing; emergency disaster planning or increasing the functionality of hospitals and everyday healthcare delivery, everyone is effected in some way by the intersection of usability and healthcare. There are many commonalities, yet each region of the world faces its own set of unique challenges. We believe that focusing World Usability Day 2007 on healthcare will create a stronger awareness of these issues and lead to initiatives that have long term impact on the quality of everyone’s life."    (Continued via Usability News)    [Usability Resources]

World Usability Day - Usability, User Interface Design

World Usability Day


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