Thursday, November 01, 2007

Time picks iPhone as invention of year

A winning interface ...

"The most talked-about cell phone is getting more juice for the jabber. Time magazine has named the iPhone "Invention of the Year."

Apple Inc.'s latest darling topped dozens of other creations that made leaps in environmentally friendly technology, molecular science, robotics or military uses. The photogenic personality of the sleek, hybrid cell phone-iPod media player didn't hurt either.

"Intel's 45-nanometer (parts for chips) - that's a serious deal, but it's a lot less glamorous than the iPhone even though it's important," said Lev Grossman, a Time staff writer who covers technology and helped select the magazine's annual honorees.

Yet the gadget's celebrity chic was not the core reason, according to Grossman's story, which appears in Friday's issue.

The iPhone's design and beauty contribute to its appeal, but its functionality and features are what gets people talking. The features themselves may not be groundbreaking, but the way in which Apple presents them is.

Take the iPhone's touch screen. Apple neither invented nor reinvented the technology, Grossman contends, but "Apple knew what to do with it."

The wide-ranging impact of the iPhone - on the cell phone industry and how it will evolve into an ever more useful handheld computer - is only beginning, he concludes."    (Continued via San Jose Mercury News)    [Usability Resources]

iPhone Display - Usability, User Interface Design

iPhone Display


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as it's locked to AT&T it's a piece of junk. The user experience of this product includes the service and the user experience provided by AT&T. Which has a long, long tradition of bad service, and bad reception. Sorry Time mag.

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