Saturday, December 15, 2007

Making the Business Case for User Interface Design

The first chapter of the book ...

"To show the benefits of good interface and usability design to your stakeholders, you need to make a strong business case. The business case not only explains design benefits to company stakeholders, but also how the company benefits from the investment.

... Topics Covered in This Chapter

* Gaps Between Stakeholders
* Developing a Business Case Framework
* The Benefits of Good Design
* The Case for Profitability
* Proving ROI
* The Usability Engineering Life Cycle

In the days of the Internet revolution from the mid to late 1990s and early 2000s, any company related to the Internet—or computing in general—was considered gold. Indeed, many companies without a comprehensive business plan received funding because they were involved with the Internet.

Those days are long gone. Although the go-go days are over, what's been left in its wake is a more mature realization about what's needed to survive. You need all the help you can get to beat the competition. And, as always, customer satisfaction is the key to survival and growth.

This is why usability analysis is so important—it lets you understand how your users react to your user interface so you learn what's wrong and what's right in your user interface design, as well as any other peripheral materials that ship with your product, such as the documentation. Usability analysis includes early customer involvement to gauge their reaction to and productivity with an interface. This feedback gives you the opportunity to make changes before you release your product to your customers, which can result in more satisfied customers."    (Continued via InformIT)    [Usability Resources]

User Interface Design for Mere Mortals

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