Friday, December 14, 2007

The NYT + CNN Own Web Content Design. Fox Owns Mobile

Designing a good mobile experience ...

"I spent two years working on the Chicago Tribune's site—so I have an appreciation for well designed content. Ask me what some of the best examples of content design are on the Web and I'll tell you that the New York Times is a no brainer and more recently CNN has a strong showing. But hold the phone—literally, Fox News may have gotten a head start when it comes to designing a desirable mobile experience—which blurs text, navigation and multimedia taking advantage of the tools the iPhone currently has to offer. If you are no fan of Fox's actual content, I would ask you to read on with an open mind. I'm less interested in analyzing their programming as opposed to how they are using this medium.

Right off the bat, the mobile experience seems promising because you are presented with large, easy to read buttons, type and photos help break up the text. Fox wisely chooses to mimic the iPhones interface which makes it feel like a "native application" even though in reality all of the action happens through the iPhone's browser, Safari. Main choices are simple: "News", "Media", "Search" and headlines offer clear and actionable starting points."    (Continued via Logic+Emotion)    [Usability Resources]

Fox News Mobile - Usability, User Interface Design

Fox News Mobile


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