Saturday, December 01, 2007

Touchscreen Cell Phone/PDA Wristwatch

Talk about a feature explosion. Wonder how usable this is for Dick Tracy ...

"Lets get it out in the open. Here at ThinkGeek we've lusted after wristwatch cell phones before cell phones even existed. Hey, we love our iPhones... but there's something irresistible about talking Dick Tracy style into your watch. Fortunately we don't have to play favorites because the Touchscreen Cell Phone/PDA Wristwatch is an unlocked GSM cell phone. Just pop your existing sim card out of the top of your iPhone (or other GSM Cell Phone from AT&T/Cingular or T-Mobile) and insert it into the back of the watch and power it up. Call your standard cell phone number and your wrist will start ringing.

The Touchscreen Cell Phone Wristwatch has a great feature set considering it's small size. Of course you can make and receive calls (dial by pulling the tiny included stylus from the side of the watch and tapping the numbers on the screen) but you can also play MP3 files, watch movies, store hundreds of phone numbers and send SMS messages and enter schedules or notes with basic handwriting recognition. With 60 Meg of built in storage, you're not going to get tons of media onto the watch but it's sweet that it can do it. We find the volume of the built in speakerphone to be a bit low, so we recommend using the included bluetooth headset or wired headphones for best performance (any other bluetooth headset will work as well). You get two batteries, and the watch charges off of USB or the included wall adapter. Connect to USB on your computer to access the file contents of the watch in disk mode."    (Continued via ThinkGeek)    [Usability Resources]

Touchscreen Cell Phone Wristwatch - Usability, User Interface Design

Touchscreen Cell Phone Wristwatch


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