Tuesday, January 08, 2008

10 Best Intranets of 2008

State of intranets in past year ...

"Consistent design and integrated IA are becoming standard on good intranets. This year's winners focused on productivity tools, employee self-service, access to knowledgeable people (as opposed to "knowledge management"), and better-presented company news.

The winners of the award for 10 best-designed intranets for 2008 are:

* Bank of America, US
* Bankinter S.A., Spain
* Barnes & Noble, US
* British Airways, UK
* Campbell Soup Company, US
* Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation, US
* IKEA North America Service, LLC, US
* Ministry of Transport, New Zealand
* New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, Australia
* SAP AG, Germany

Most of the winning designs are traditional, company-wide intranets, but IKEA won for its regional intranet covering North America. Also, Coldwell Banker's intranet works somewhat like an extranet: it connects 3,800 independently owned and operated residential and commercial real estate offices, while appearing to users as a local office intranet rather than a corporate intranet.

Half of the winners are from the US, closely matching the nation's long-term performance average of 53%. The remaining five winners hail from five different countries. The southern hemisphere is strongly represented this year, including the first-ever winner from New Zealand. Australia has had many winners over the years, as have the UK and Germany. Spain seems to be an up-and-coming country in terms of quality intranets, collecting its third award this year (earlier awards went to Amadeus Global Travel Distribution in 2003 and Banco Español de Crédito [Banesto] in 2005).

In terms of industry sectors, the financial sector is strongly represented with three winners (two banks and one real estate company). This, too, follows tradition: earlier design annuals have typically had a disproportional number of winners from the financial sector (2007 was an aberration, with only one financial winner, JPMorgan Chase)."    (Continued via Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)    [Usability Resources]


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