Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Apple aware of Copy & Paste demand but hamstrung by usability

Improving iPhone usability ...

"Copy & Paste. You wouldn’t think it was much to ask for - even on mobile devices, there’s usually some way to grab text from one place and deposit it elsewhere. On a basic handset that might just be adding a new number to an old contact, but when you’re dealing with a smartphone then you’re far more likely to be juggling web addresses, emails, clips from documents and more. Which is why the absence of the feature on the iPhone is so strange; Sven Rafferty was fed up of hand-copying from one app to another, and so while everyone else was cooing at the MacBook Air during Macworld, he took the opportunity to pester Apple employees until someone would sate his desire for copy & paste information.

What he was told was that Apple “is aware” of the fact that the missing functionality is causing headaches, and yet the drawback is working out a streamlined, intuitive, “Apple-esque” way of implementing it.

“I hunted someone down at Macworld to give me the answers and after a long search and pass off after pass off from Apple employee to Apple employee, I finally got an answer. The deal is, Apple is aware of the desire for this option and it is working on it in the labs as we speak. The trouble it is having is implementation. How to easily call up a copy or cut option and then the paste action. It’s probable that the zoom bubble (the one that brings up the edit cursor) is the issue as it has removed the obvious tap and hold position from Apple to use for a pop-up menu of some sort. Text selection is another difficulty to sort out. Certainly, the cursor could be added to the menu selection; however, Apple wants to keep this as simple as possible and that added step would not lend itself to simple” Sven Rafferty, SvenOnTech

The unnamed source also indicated that Apple “is aware” of the desire for Exchange compatibility, though would neither confirm nor deny whether the company was working on adding it to the iPhone. In case you’re wondering, the screenshot above is from the excellent lonelysandwich concept video we’ve featured before."    (Continued via PHONE Magazine)    [Usability Resources]

iPhone Copy %amp; Paste Concept - Usability, User Interface Design


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