Thursday, January 03, 2008

Focus if You Want Great Usability

Skills count but focus is also needed ...

"Without a doubt, the best work is done by people who are dedicated to their work. The reason is pretty simple. It is hard to develop something amazing if you don’t care about it, when there’s no interest or passion.

If you talk to people who do great work, they will tell you that there is dedication based on the inner need to craft something wonderful. It isn’t money or external rewards that drive the best people, unless you’re talking about people who make money for a living such as sales people.

When it comes to usability, this focus and dedication is especially important. The reason is that usability is mostly tedious, nasty work unless you are truly in love with delivery of a great experience for other people.

(UX folks are an odd bunch but I love them!)

This is a profound state of affairs. You see, it takes special people doing special work to make usability a reality. If you’re doing UX work, you need to actually care about the work you’re doing, and the people that will feel the pain if the design isn’t right.

This is why focus is so important. First, you need the passion. Second, you need the skills. But third, you need to focus or nothing will be done that has any lasting impact for world. Put another way, UX work can be good but never great without focus.

Dedication is the key ingredient. But, it’s often neglected."    (Continued via WebWord)    [Usability Resources]


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