Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Google Announces faster, more customizable Google Experience for iPhone Users

Google stays on top of usability ...

"Google has streamlined and made new improvements to the integrated Google experience found on the increasingly popular iPhone, according to the company.

The previous version, launched one month ago, integrated Google’s suite of web applications -- including Search, Gmail, Calendar, Reader, and more -- into a single use interface. The company has since streamlined the interface even further, making the applications faster and improving their usability.

Among the key improvements are an improved user interface that “looks and feel slicker, and they are easier to activate, navigate and use via a touch-screen,” according to Google.

In addition the Web giant has added customization of default tabs to allow users to have easy access to applications by customizing the applications that appear on the menu bar. The upgrades have also quickened the space of e-mail delivery that will automatically show up without refreshing inboxes.

These new features also provide iPhone (News - Alert) users with a desktop-like Google Web application experience in terms of ease-of-use, speed, and feature richness but optimized for the iPhone.

The new experience is made possible by the iPhone's general usability and the capabilities of its Web browser, combined with Google's innovative mobile web applications."    (Continued via TMCnet)    [Usability Resources]


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