Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Keys Up Handheld Interface

Giving manufacturers feedback on mobile device keys ...

"Given the choice would you choose to have the cellular telephone and handheld devices you employ designed respecting the function and limitations of your human hand? In other words, should these devices we use on a repetitive basis be designed, not only for ease of and effective use, but illiminate the requirement of manipulating and contorting the hand just to employ them?

Experience the "Keys Up", human factored interface. Pick up your cell phone or imagine one comfortably balanced and securely resting in your hand. Where are the keys located in relation to your thumb? Aren't the keys at the opposite end of the device? Why should you be forced to manipulate the device about in your hand in order to perform the tasks required to communicate or otherwise employ the device?

This is especially pertinent if the other hand is occupied with a child, groceries or some such item. With the keypad located in closer proximity to your thumb, above the display, isn't it much easier to utilize the keys without needing to contort your fingers or shift the device about in order to reach all of the keys? This holds true for two handed use as well, either with two thumbs or the fingers of one hand. With a "Keys Up" interface the device is securely held and the keys are located in a convenient and functional location.

With the display located below the keys visual information is located closer to your line of sight. For example, when reviewing displayed information while making a call, a glance at the display requires the phone be away from your ear for less time.

If you would like to have a voice in the design of products to serve your needs please take a moment to answer the simple questions on the survey page. By gathering your responses to this short survey we will be able to pass your will on to the manufacturers and service providers."    (Continued via Keys Up)    [Usability Resources]

Keys Up Interface - Usability, User Interface Design

Keys Up Interface


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