Sunday, February 24, 2008

Apple’s new marketing slogan: Touch it.

Marketing usability and aesthetics ...

"Well, that’s what it should be. I’ve been paying attention to the past year’s worth of new stuff from Apple, but most of it was met with a reaction by me of ‘Oh, that’s kind of neat’ but nothing really more than that. We had to go to the Apple Store last night at the Mall of America, a place I am rarely that ambitious to visit more than once a year, but once inside I began to touch the Apple goodies. And once you touch’em, THEN you ‘get’ them.

The MacBook Air. A thin laptop? So what? But then you touch it. Oooooooh! That *is* nice!

iPod Nano. Oh, a colored metal iPod. Oh! NOW I get it! It’s smooth…and shiny…and oh so cute!

iPod Touch/iPhone? Big deal. Smart phone that will just…oh! Google Maps! THIS IS AWESOME!

So, yea, nothing new, but reminding myself how brilliant it was for Apple to finally open the stores for people to actually TOUCH things."    (Continued via MNteractive)    [Usability Resources]


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