Wednesday, February 06, 2008

BayCHI, Tuesday, February 12, 2008: Monthly Program

BayCHI meeting topics ...

Copy is Interface
Erika Hall, Mule Design

As much as we dream of a post-verbal, totally gestural interface future, most application interfaces are made of words. Text is the most efficient and least disruptive means for us humans to handle the tremendous amount of complex information coming at us from different sources. And, the words you use will be the most device-independent interface you can dream of having. Erika will discuss the general principles and potential pitfall for creating robust and truly humane interface language.

Sketching Smart Things: User Experience Design of Ubiquitous Computing Devices
Mike Kuniavsky, ThingM

The user experience design of ubiquitous computing (ubicomp) products is a new branch of design. Like Web design was different from traditional graphic design, ubicomp user experience design is different from traditional industrial design. Mike will discuss how he has tackled (and occasionally has gotten tackled by) the unique challenges of ubicomp UX. He will reposition the notion of information as a design material, and propose merging interaction design with the principles of agile software development to create new tools for prototyping new interactions."    (Continued via BayCHI)    [Usability Resources]


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