Monday, February 25, 2008

A Chat with… Darrell Wilkins

A discussion about the role of User Experience Design ...

"... Darrell Wilkins is Founder and Head of User Experience Design at Special Moves which offers high-end production for the interactive industry. Special Moves has created everything from games for MTV’s the Osbournes to interative experiences for Volkswagen, the Guardian and British Gas. Here’s what he had to say…

How did you get into this field and what sorts of things had you done previously?

I started at University. I studied MediaLabArts at Plymouth and was introduced to HCI there. It was a marriage of Art and Computing and we didn’t go into lots of technical details, but I soon realised that if you make something easy to use, you get a higher mark.

What are some things (or people) that inspire how you think about and then develop digital experiences for users?

Shigeru Miyamoto is my hero. His amazing attention to detail and ability to guide users effortlessly through complex and challenging interfaces is unsurpassed.

Everyone can learn lessons from game design.

There are various definitions of UX out there depending on who you talk to… What does UX mean to you?

It’s the experience that the user has when interacting with your product or service. There are many facets to this experience and all are valid.

Some of the main ones :

* Visual experience- how beautiful the thing is
* Brand experience - what the user is left thinking about the supplier of the thing
* Personal experience - how good the users feels about themselves using the thing
* Transactional experience- how well did the thing do it’s job."    (Continued via User Experience Network)    [Usability Resources]


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