Monday, February 25, 2008

The nine most important aspects about website usability

Simple website UI tips ...

"Whether you have an ecommerce site, a company website, an online tool or even a weblog, usability is very important. Website usability is decisive for your success. When the usability is bad, new visitors will leave immediately; this means a high bounce rate and your visitors will never return. When your usability is good, visitors stay longer on your site gather more information, buy more and will return to your website next time.

In this article I give you nine aspects how to improve your website usability:

1. Hyperlinks
Make sure hyperlinks look like hyperlinks. Often web-designers don’t like those “ugly” blue underlined words. You have to remember there is only one item important. That is; visitors are used to it and they will get confused and leave your site if they don’t recognize a hyperlink immediately. So, don’t be too creative. When you really want to be distinctive, make sure visitors recognize the hyperlink. Also make sure that the color will change when visitors have clicked your hyperlink.

2. Navigation
All visitors must understand your website’s navigation immediately. So make sure that the structure is clear and simply to understand.

3. Orientation
A deep website means your website has a lot of pages in different layers. Visitors should now where they are and have a navigation to get back. You can help your visitors with click-paths. So they won’t get lost. An arbitrary example of a click-path is: Home-Gentlemen-Trousers-Jeans

4. Home
Visitors expect a link to your homepage in the upper left side of your website. Don’t be the creative artist by putting the link elsewhere or even nowhere at all. This kind of creativeness will only frustrate your visitors."    (Continued via Yargon)    [Usability Resources]


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