Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Human Computer Interaction Online Graduate Certificate Program at Iowa State University

In response to those who have asked about online HCI education ...

"Computers are becoming an increasingly integral part of our everyday lives. For example, the dominance of the desktop computer is fading and quickly being replaced by personal and ubiquitous computing devices including laptop computers, personal digital assistants, digital music players, and intelligent cell phones. The successful integration of these new technologies into our lifestyle in a way that maximizes usefulness, usability, and ease of use while minimizing intrusiveness poses a difficult but important problem. This problem will demand novel solutions founded on an in-depth understanding of the complex interactions between humans and computers. This expanding frontier of investigation is the focus of the Human Computer Interaction Program at Iowa State University.

The Certificate Program in Human Computer Interaction will be an interdisciplinary training program that will provide students with an advanced training in emerging interactive technologies, the design of human computer interfaces, usability analysis, and cognitive theories of behavior. The certificate program will be tailored to support professional develpment through a distance-education medium. The program will be most appropriate for those individuals with a bachelors degree in a scientific, engineering, business, or artistic discipline and who already have a strong base of information technology skills.

The accelerating integration of technology into society will demand professionals with information technology skills that are augmented by an understanding of the human user. These skills will be necessary for any individual to remain competitive in the future information technology work force. Only those individuals with a unique interdisciplinary perspective will be able to successfully understand, utilize, and apply new technological solutions to solve human-centered problems.

The certificate will consist of four courses (12 credit hours):

MIS 655: Organization and Social Implications of Human Computer Interaction
PSYCH 521: Cognitive Psychology of Human Computer Interaction
HCI/ComS 575X: Computational Perception
CprE/IE/ME 557 Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling OR FLNG/ME 584X: Technology, Globalization and Culture

Students may take these courses as a non-degree student and then transfer them into the HCI certificate program when it becomes available."    (Continued via IxDA Resource Library)    [Usability Resources]


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