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Innovative Cellphones

History of new phone ideas ...

"One of the world's most futuristic phones began life as a block of wood with a painted-on screen. Swedish start-up Neonode created what was at the time an innovative design for a phone--a super-compact device with a large touchscreen and menus that flipped with the swipe of a thumb. European mobile operators who saw the phone back in 2002 were intrigued, recalls Mikael Hagman, Neonode's chief executive, but none dared bet millions on the unproven gadget.

In that pre-iPhone era, Neonode's concept seemed alien. "It was our three founders in jeans talking about the future of the mobile-phone industry," sighs Hagman.

Such is the yo-yo existence of many innovators. They're either declared geniuses or lunatics.
In Pictures: Coolest Future Phones

Few technology industries lavish such generous rewards--or such cold indifference--on their innovators than the mobile-phone business. As phones become more ubiquitous and cellular networks open up, new designers are coming to the fore, including start-ups, industrial design firms, fashion houses and even cellphone enthusiasts. The worst designs are impractical or just plain ugly. The best drive innovation, win huge profits and shake up the industry status quo.

Take Neonode. Its handsets--the N1, introduced in 2005 and phased out last year, and the recently launched N2--challenge conventional notions about cellphones. The core vision since the firm's inception in 2001, says Hagman, was to create a phone that fit neatly in the palm and did anything a full-sized computer could, including e-mail, Web surfing and gaming.

That led to a compact body (3 inches long with a 2-inch screen) with virtually no buttons and a streamlined menu that only featured six icons at any time. To distinguish between different menus and features, the company devised three ways to interact with the touchscreen: taps, sweeps and gestures. A sweep from right to left accepts a call, for instance. One in the other direction declines it."    (Continued via Core, Touch Usability, Forbes)    [Usability Resources]

Innovative Future Phones - Usability, User Interface Design

Innovative Future Phones


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