Sunday, March 16, 2008

New iPhone-Like UI Programs Make Windows Mobile Easier to Use

Vito programs improve mobile computing interface ...

"... This article includes my brief review of three of the new applications (and preview of a fourth) which are available for WM touch screen devices on VITO’s new Web site ( The sidebar includes my interview with Konstantin.

Vito’s new software

Vito provided me with copies of three of their newer applications. FunContact is an alternate contacts manager, ZoomBoard is an enhanced soft keyboard, and GoodWin is a task management and application launcher. Finally, I include a brief product overview of SMS-Chat, a new chat interface application that was not available at press time.


GoodWin’s home screen (Fig. 1) displays three small icons at the very top of the screen that let you change battery properties and the ringtone profile, and display your phone’s cell signal strength. The four larger quick-launch buttons located below these icons let you access the SMS, Time settings, Mail, and Phone applications. Pop-up flags on these buttons indicate incoming messages. The center of the screen displays a large digital clock. (A functional analog clock also appears on the Time settings button.)

The main screen is initially locked, indicated by the small lock icon in the lower left. To unlock it, slide the lock icon over to the right. This action replaces the digital clock with an area displaying program startup/control icons."    (Continued via Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine)    [Usability Resources]

Vito Goodwin Program Control - Usability, User Interface Design

Vito Goodwin Program Control


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