Monday, March 24, 2008

Universal Design

A PDF paper on universal design at AT&T ...

"This section on Universal Design introduces AT&T Mobility's point of view on the relationship between accessibility and innovation. Principles of "barrier-free design" or "design for all" are not seen as constraints on design, but as fodder for innovation.

Consider scenarios such as accessing phone keys in a darkened theater, waiting for a call in a noisy environment, or trying to operate your phone during an emergency. In these cases, tactile markings on the phone, vibrate mode, and voice dialing benefit anyone who might find themselves in situations of impairment (vision, hearing, speech, cognitive or dexterity) temporarily or for longer terms."    (Continued via Small Surfaces, AT&T)    [Usability Resources]

One Hand Operation - Usability, User Interface Design

One Hand Operation


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