Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Benefits of Mixing Branding and Usability in a Design

Making a website memorable is not an easy task, competitors are everywhere and everybody wants users to remember their brand. That’s the most logical reason why every website would need a brand with its proper logo. But that’s not the only reason.

Including branding in the whole website design could also improve usability, making a particular website a more comfortable place to surf through. Many companies are taking advantage of this, Apple, for example, is not only successful because of a beautiful design but they also combine easiness and first class interaction design to the whole branding and marketing strategy on the web.

In this bread crumbs example the Apple logo shows the user the safe way back home

Memorable Brand - Usability, User Interface Design

Memorable Brand

Tag Line

Adding a tag line to the logo is another way to improve the overall website usability and could also have a direct impact on visits. The message to deliver here is called the “value proposition” and the aim is to tell users what the goal of your site is (e.g. what you are selling!). If the user is not able to figure out fast what the site is about, he or she might leave to never come back.

The tag line is usually placed below the logo or very close to it. It should be a short phrase explaining in a very easy language what the website has to offer. It also has to be precise and should not use estrange words, like site-related ones.

Wikipedia makes very clear what the website is about. The free encyclopedia."    (Continued via Design vs Art Blog)    [Usability Resources]

Tag Line - Usability, User Interface Design

Tag Line


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