Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Collected Web Site Usability Tips

An extensive list of usability tips along with references ...

"The following is a working draft of an article for Jill Whalen's High Rankings Advisor. This articles collects usability tips from the "Search Engine Friendly Design & Usability" forum.

This is a temporary page to help the author get feedback on raw material before the article is written. The finished article will actually follow some of the advice presented here. Think of this as "The Raw Material."

Here are the general categories the tips fall into:

Navigation Related Usability Tips
Tips on Improving Readability
Usability Tips on Using Search
Usability Tips on HTML Coding
Tips for More Usable Forms
Usability for Design and Layout
Usability Tips on Using Color
Ecommerce Usability Tips
Tips on Usability Testing
Usability Tips for Graphics and Flash
Advice on Frames"    (Continued via )    [Usability Resources]
General Web Site Usability Practice
Advice on Following Usability Guidelines

Navigation Related Usability Tips

1. Use consistent intuitive navigation. Users are impatient. They hate having to learn new site navigation. Make your navigation obvious and consistent throughout your site.

From Christine Churchill

2. Consistent navigation and search feature present on each page are among the most important usability tools we can offer to a website visitor.

Putting together navigation and search results can be even more powerful -- it provides context and eliminates guesswork.

If you have a site search you might want to consider putting together search results and navigation (i.e. bread crumbs or cookie crumbs, depending on your culinary preference). If impossible to add the crumbs navigation to each link in the search results, consider adding the URL. Provided your site's information architecture is decent, seeing what directory the page belongs to, might provide an additional clue as to whether the result is indeed relevant.

From Mitko
Usable and findable sites from WebSage

3. Don't disable the "Back" button.
From Wanderer

4. Cookie crumbs are good to help visitors know what page/section of your site they are on. You know, the trail that looks like this:

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From Kal
Ethical and effective global search engine marketing services"    (Continued via KeyRelevance)    [Usability Resources]


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