Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Unobtrusive Rollovers Using YUI

You need to run through the demo to see this effect ...

"Chad at 2tbsp.com wrote up a nice tutorial last week outlining some practical fundamentals with respect to writing "unobtrusive JavaScript." His example implements a standard rollover, beginning with bad-old-days obtrusive scripting, migrating to unobtrusive scripting, and concluding with an unobtrusive script that leverages YUI’s Event Utility for event attachment and the Dom Collection’s getElementsByClassName, addClass and removeClass for class management.

Click through for his functioning example.

Of course, Chad just means this as an example of some of the practical points involved in unobtrusive scripting. Others have looked at the problem more encyclopedically — for a more ambitious (and not YUI-related) analysis of the paradigm, check out Christian Heilmann’s "The seven rules of Unobtrusive JavaScript."    (Continued via Yahoo! User Interface Blog)    [Usability Resources]

 Unobtrusive Rollover- Usability, User Interface Design

Unobtrusive Rollover


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