Saturday, April 05, 2008

Usability and e-commerce Part 2: Product overview page

Tips for designing the product overview page ...

"After you have defined your product categories and how to structure them (see Usability and e-commerce Part 1) you are ready to define the product pages. Let’s start with the product overview page:

1. It is recommended, that the product overview pages follow all a consistent structure. This gives the user the chance to learn your site and with continuing navigation he can orient himself faster.
2. The amount of products presented should allow the user to gain a quick overview.
3. The most relevant questions the user has at this stage should be answered. This allows faster scanning of the products and saves the user possible disappointment on the individual product page itself. This includes the listing of the price and availability.
4. Especially with rather technical or complex products, an online product comparison option is essential to avoid lots of work for the call centre.
5. In addition, sorting functionalities support the user to “customise” the results to his personal needs, such as price, distance, weight, colour etc.

Let’s have a look at two examples buying a Sony Laptop and a new Esprit Jacket:

On the Sony Laptop overview page, the user receives all the essential data he needs.
They even consider the two target groups returning and new customer. The returning one can add the product directly to the shopping cart the new one can add the product to a wish list.
There is the option for product comparison and a sort option."    (Continued via Vera Brannen's Blog)    [Usability Resources]

Sony Overview Page - Usability, User Interface Design

Sony Overview Page


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