Friday, May 16, 2008

How can we improve mobile user experience?

A summary of a debate on mobile UX ...

A roundtable of forward thinkers convened in London last month to debate mobile user experience in advance of the forthcoming MEX conference. ME listened in…

The iPhone may not be the perfect device, but in one area it undoubtedly trumps everything that has come before it: user experience. Apple’s big gamble has thrown into sharp relief the shortcomings of most other devices.

Marek Pawlowski, PMN: User experience is suddenly at the fore of mobile thinking. Why is that?

Mike Short, 02: Three reasons. First, the mobile industry is now global, but we mustn’t forget local requirements. Second, many countries are heavily penetrated, so the only route to growth is through increased usage. Thirdly, people are using mobile devices in a broader range of contexts.

Steve Ives, Taptu: UE has become magnified because the complexity of services has escalated. The ‘soft key’ templates for calling and texting are no longer up to the job.

John West, Nuance: The key thing is making sure people can find content and services from the handset. In the PC world, apps like Google Desktop Search can find almost anything from one box. That’s the way mobile will have to go."    (Continued via UsabilityNews, Mobile Entertainment)    [Usability Resources]

iPhone Keyboard - Usability, User Interface Design

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