Sunday, May 25, 2008

Measuring the Online Customer Experience

Getting the consumers' view ...

"Epitiro, a company offering expertise in comparative broadband benchmarking, has just announced ISP-I™ Reportal, a new website testing enhancement to the company’s portfolio of broadband benchmarking solutions. Businesses that depend on their websites for effective communication and e-commerce will now be able to fully understand the true online customer experience and address performance issues.

Epitiro provides broadband performance and customer experience benchmarking data to ISPs, media providers, multi-national corporations and government regulators. ISP-I™ Reportal is the first website testing solution to be located on multiple consumer broadband (DSL, Cable, Wireless, WiFi) networks thus enabling a true and accurate analysis of a website’s performance from the end user perspective. ISP-I™ Reportal conducts testing via the leading ISPs worldwide and uses popular browsers, including Internet Explorer and Firefox, to measure response times, security levels, page flows and other transactions that affect the customer experience. The comprehensive analysis is performed using Epitiro’s extensive deployment of edge-based agents.

"In order to get a consumer view, it is essential that customer experience testing is performed at real end-user locations and not some technically or logistically convenient mid-point sited within the carrier network or data centre," said JP Curley, Technical Director, Epitiro. "On-line experience is dependent on both the website design as well as variables beyond the control of a business such as an ISP’s traffic management policies, the browser a customer uses, and of course, the customer’s location. With ISP-I™ Reportal, businesses will now have visibility of their customer’s on-line experience and be able to make immediate improvements."    (Continued via Usability News, Epitiro)    [Usability Resources]


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