Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Usability Guide: Time to tune up your Website?

Download paper on website usability ...

"This week digital marketing consultancy, Coast Digital, published a new 24-page guide on the subject of usability. The guide is designed to help businesses unlock their website’s commercial potential by resolving usability issues.

As increasing volumes of business move online there’s never been a better time to ensure your website is in good shape. Establishing good usability is a key success factor; it’s essential for achieving sales; conversions and positive branding; and represents a huge commercial opportunity.

Time to Tune Up your Website? offers advice to make websites work more efficiently and effectively. Packed with essential do’s and don’ts and guidance on selecting the right type of usability analysis, the publication also includes advice on how to drive up revenues without spending more on advertising.

Robin Moore, usability consultant at Coast Digital comments: “The internet is a highly competitive space. If you’re seeking to optimise website performance, usability should be a key consideration. Our guide will help businesses to understand its potential and assess the issues for themselves."    (Continued via Usability News)    [Usability Resources]


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