Sunday, May 18, 2008

Touch Usability: Samsung SDI laptop concept

New form factor with touch keyboard ...

"Engadget writes about this Samsung laptop concept design: Samsung's 12.1-inch OLED concept makes us swoon.

Are we ready for touch panel keyboards? Probably not quite, though the trend in laptop design does seem to be towards flatter and flatter keyboards with less travel distance, and people seem to like them. Apple too has moved in this direction with their latest keyboard, on which I'm typing this. So it may just be a short leap to totally flat keyboards. Add some high-fidelity tactile feedback and they might work quite well.

Presumably the touchpad for this computer would be overlaid on the keyboard and accessible with some sort of mode switch."    (Continued via Engadget, Touch Usability)    [Usability Resources]

Samsung SDI laptop - Usability, User Interface Design

Samsung SDI laptop


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