Friday, May 16, 2008

Understanding Micro-Interactions and the New Brand Ecosystem

Will brands survive the new digital ecosystem? ...

"If I mention Apple, the first person that pops into most people’s minds is Steve Jobs. If I mention Microsoft it is Bill Gates. They are the force behind these larger than life brands. What happens when they leave (as Bill Gates has and Steve Jobs did for a while)? Will the brands survive? I would say yes, as their personalities have become synonymous with their brands.

In this age of digital socialism, putting a personality and face with your brand is key, otherwise you could be lost in the sea of logos and marketing slogans. Just having a good product is no longer enough. People need something to identify with on an emotional level.

Building a brand in our intertwined world can be a difficult feat. However, just throwing some social interactions on your web site is not enough. You have to think about how the interactions will resonate within your company. More than ever, companies need evangelists. These people are the ones that give your brand that sparkling personality. The face and personality of the brand does not need to rest on the head of the CEO. Look at Starbucks, the face of their brand is every barista that works in every Starbucks across the country. They are the company’s evangelists. They are the people behind the brand.

People have a hard time connecting with things; they work better at relating to other humans. Having a face on a brand makes the consumer feel connected in some small way with a larger entity. They are connecting to the person, not the brand. If a consumer calls or emails customer support and is not treated in a respectful manner then that is a negative reflection upon the company brand. Then that person will tell another person or post the experience on a blog, and just like that, your brand has lost some of its luster. Customer support representatives, sales people, the receptionist, every single one of these people are the part of the face of the company brand."    (Continued via Digital Design Blog)    [Usability Resources]

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