Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mobile Design Showcases

Good mobile design screens ...

"Nokia has just published a document with 10 examples of what they consider good mobile design. It is a mix of applications and mobile web sites. Many of the usual suspects, but also a couple of lesser knowns.

I do not necessarily agree with everything. (Surprise, right? :-)) One of the criteria is "Visual WOW" and Jaiku Mobile is considered "stylish". To me Jaiku Mobile looks like its designed by a MySpace user high on banana peel and bad Klingon poetry. The application runs on top of whatever Theme the user has chosen for their phone, so maybe unfair to criticize it. Anyway, "lively" was probably a design objective. Jaiku was acquired by Google last year and they closed new sign-up. So unless you know an existing Jaiku user, you won't be able to check it out.

Fring is another of the examples. I tried it quite a while ago, but I just couldn't figure it out. Setup required me to configure my "IP telephony signaling protocol", so I backed out, thinking "maybe next version". Fring makes calls and messaging over WiFi and is a way cool concept. Maybe it's time to give Fring another try.

Good examples and interesting evaluations. Definitely worth having a look, as the examples are some of the most used 3rd party mobile applications out there today. You can find the document here."    (Continued via Sender 11, Small Surfaces)    [Usability Resources]

Mobile Screen Example - Usability, User Interface Design

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