Thursday, July 17, 2008

You Might Be a Digital Anthropologist

Need for human contact ...

"Upon recently talking about micro-interactions to the folks at Citi, I had a “micro-epiphany.” It occurred to me that companies really need to be looking at the social revolution for possibly one reason over everything else. Insights into human behavior that can lead to future innovations or even product/service improvements. Point in case, as I was talking about some of the interactions I’ve had with brands on Twitter like Southwest or Zappos, I said something like “this isn’t about immediately jumping onto Twitter or any other network, it’s about making an observation that people are craving live interactions with other people who happen to work at the companies they buy stuff from”. I went on to emphasize that they way I knew this wasn’t based on research, but my own personal observations and a willingness to take a step back and connect the dots.

Think about it, as spoiled as we are with great brands such as Trader Joes, NetFlicks, and Apple—when it comes to customer service we’ve unfortunately become accustomed to layers of poorly designed pre-recorded menus and canned responses that don’t actually help us. Companies have streamlined operations to the point where we assume it will take forever to speak to a live person who can actually help us. Or if we get a live person, we’re disappointed. Then all of a sudden a few companies start helping people via a network such as Twitter and we’re are all over it, happy to spread the news that someone is out there listening. To me the insight is this:

We’ve become so starved for authentic live human contact that when it’s offered up to us we are all to happy to rejoice and tell the world."    (Continued via Logic+Emotion)    [Usability Resources]

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