Friday, August 08, 2008

Take Website Usability to the Next Level

Taking website usability to the next level ...

"Website usability is more than just a good navigational structure. A large number of people have visual or hearing disabilities, so you should design your website in ways that allow those with either minor or significant impairments to view and navigate your web content. The following tips will help expand your website's usability so that all users, regardless of their sensory perception and abilities, are able to take advantage of your web content...

1. Images

Include "alt text" for any images on a webpage. The alt text should accurately describe the image. The visually impaired will often use screen readers to discern what the images are, and their screen reader will read the alt text and tell them what the image is.

2. Transcripts

Any audio recordings should have transcripts available. Hearing impaired individuals can then read the transcript to learn what is contained in the audio recordings that are available on the website.

3. Contrast

Website colors should be easy to discern, and contrasted so that they stand out. Keep in mind that different monitors will display colors slightly differently. As such, usability research suggests that you should play it safe and stick with websafe colors. Even individuals with minor visual impairments may have difficulties in discerning subtle color differences, so use contrasting colors to highlight important information.

4. Scanable

Write your web copy in a way that makes it easy for visitors to scan. Use bulleted lists and bold headlines to assist with the web content's readability."    (Continued via Best Syndication)    [Usability Resources]

Website Usability to Next Level - Usability, User Interface Design

Website Usability to Next Level


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