Monday, September 08, 2008

Monthly BayCHI Program

Tuesday, September 9, 2008. 7:00pm ...

"Creating Adaptive and Personalized User Experiences
Niall Kennedy, President of Hat Trick Media

The Web browser provides a treasure trove of information about each visitor if we would only listen. Who are you? Where are you? What do you enjoy? What are the capabilities of your computer? Adhering to Web standards is only the beginning, not an end game. Websites seeking a truly engaging user experience need to listen, adapt, and change to connect with their users and their complete computing experience. How can we, as designers and developers, deliver a more compelling experience to our visitors based on their unique interests and capabilities? How can we, as creators, introduce out visitors to the latest technologies and their full uses without overwhelming a novice with too much information? Niall will share his work in user behavior modeling on the Web and propose new ways to adapt Web presentation for a diverse audience.

Bio: Niall Kennedy is an independent consultant in San Francisco specializing in syndicated content and widget experiences. Niall is the producer of Widget Summit, an annual conference on widget syndication across a growing list of platforms. Niall is a web developer, author, and tinkerer who enjoys pushing the Web to its limits. Niall formerly created syndicated experiences at blog search site and was syndication product lead in Microsoft's Windows Live Platform group. He has designed and maintained feed services for the past 7 years in shopping search, investment search, and blog search verticals.

Sketching Metaphors
Bill Verplank, CCRMA at Stanford

Bill Verplank will talk about his work on Sketching Metaphors. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of interactive computing, Bill has been around since the first days of the Xerox Star and played a seminal role in the formation of modern interaction design techniques.

In his presentation, Bill will explore some important themes about today's world of experience design. He'll look at the systems we create: Are they tools? An extension of our brain? Maybe they are a vehicle to achieving a greater goal? Or a type of fashion?

Using a series of live sketches (something you have to see to believe), Bill will explore each of these paradigms, look at how each paradigm helps us see the products of our work a little differently and, perhaps, with new insights we hadn't seen before.

Bill has always been interested in how we use metaphors in our work:

* Understanding vocabulary: "Kill the program."
* Inventing: "Cash cows."
* Organizing: "Desktop folders."
* Presenting: "Radio buttons."

Bill is interested in how we can use metaphor as a creative machine—just attach a crank and churn out a new design."    (Continued via BayCHI)    [Usability Resources]


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