Thursday, October 09, 2008

Navigation menus 'important for usability'

Making navigation menus more usable ...

"Online retailers should work on their navigational menus to make them as usable as possible following research suggesting some of the UK's biggest brands fail to do this.

This is according to Mihkel Jaatma of eye-tracking technology firm, who wrote on the E-consultancy blog that the usability of a top-level menu can have a significant impact on how long it takes users to find what they want.

He cited research by his company showing that Debenhams's simple menu, which takes the form of a horizontal bar split into links for each of its departments, means that users take an average of 6.6 seconds to click on the link they need.

Meanwhile, Marks & Spencer's bulky list-based menu is harder to navigate, leading to a 13.7-second click time.

Mr Jaatma said: "Forcing people to interact with too much information upfront significantly decreases important performance indicators such as success rate, time to completion and user satisfaction."    (Continued via ClickThrough)    [Usability Resources]

Time to click through menu. - Usability, User Interface Design

Time to click through menu.


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