Monday, December 22, 2008

10 Takes on the Blackberry Storm

Review of usability of Blackberry Storm ...

"While most smartphone manufacturers have released at least one fancy touchscreen model, RIM has pretty much stuck with their Blackberry's standard businessman-pleasing form, a squat candybar design with QWERTY and a tiny screen. That was, until they announced the BlackBerry Storm, the first full touchscreen Blackberry on the market—and also the first smartphone to transform a normally cold, lifeless touchscreen into one big clickable button.

So what did the press think? They loved it...and they hated it...depending who you talk to.

...its 3.25-inch VGA glass display also demands attention for its sharpness and brightness, showing 65,000 colors at a crisp 480x360-pixel resolution. We weren't as impressed with the Storm's screen as the BlackBerry Bold, but it's still beautiful.

A solid voice phone, the Storm has fine reception, and earpiece and speakerphone volume are both very loud. There's also some pleasing in-ear feedback of your own voice. Transmissions sounded steady on the other end, with just a little background noise coming through, thanks to the phone's dual-mic noise cancellation.

One thing’s for sure: The Storm puts the iPhone 3G’s speaker to shame. When playing Keane’s "Perfect Symmetry," the sound was quite loud even at medium volume, and the music application displays large album art that nicely takes up most of the screen."    (Continued via Touch Usability, Gizmondo, Frankenreview)    [Usability Resources]

Blackberry Storm - Usability, User Interface Design

Blackberry Storm


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