Sunday, December 07, 2008

Are Consumers Satisfied With Online Banking?

User satisfaction with online banking ...

"It is undeniable that consumers are increasingly living their lives online. From buying a book, to viewing a photo, to posting a tweet through the use of Twitter, individuals are turning to the internet for a myriad of reasons. Financial services is certainly not immune to this digital migration. While it is clear that online banking usage and adoption is growing, it is less obvious how consumers view their current experience. Are consumers really satisfied with online banking functionality? We surveyed existing online bankers to find out.

The chart below illustrates consumers satisfaction with their current online banking experience across a variety of areas. The most apparent conclusion from this data is that consumers, in general, are very satisfied with most banking functionality offered online. For instance, fewer than one in ten consumers who currently use online bill pay are either indifferent towards or dissatisfied with the experience. The immediate inhibitor to continued growth in adoption of online banking functionality is thus not the usability of these site features, but rather convincing consumers to try them out in the first place."    (Continued via UsabilityNews, Seeking Alpha)    [Usability Resources]

Online Banking Survey - Usability, User Interface Design

Online Banking Survey


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