Monday, January 19, 2009

New phone features 'baffle users'

Too complex to be usable? ...

"The complexity of modern mobile phones is leaving users frustrated and angry, research suggests.

Some 61% of those interviewed in the UK and US said setting up a new handset is as challenging as moving bank accounts.

Compiled by mobile firm Mformation, the survey found 85% of users reporting they were frustrated by the difficulty of getting a new phone up and working.

Of the 4,000 people questioned, 95% said they would try more new services if phones were easier to set up.

Web browsing

Mformation spokesman Matthew Bancroft said users were frustrated by having to call an operator or look online for help.

"There is an enormous range of things modern phones are capable of doing but the paradox is that many people are not using these capabilities," he said.

Of those questioned, 95% said they would be more likely to use new features if the initial set-up were easier.

Mr Bancroft said bad experiences turned people off trying to get more from their phone.

"If an application does not work once or twice, they just will not use it or try again," he said.

Some 61% of those questioned said they stopped using an application if they could not get it working straight away.

Mr Bancroft said setting up a new phone should take only 15 minutes but many people were spending an hour or more to get the handset to do what they wanted.

He added that most people wanted to do such tasks as browsing the web, reading e-mail, or sending picture messages, but the complexity of modern handsets was leaving them foxed."    (Continued via BBC NEWS)    [Usability Resources]

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