Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Evangelizing UX Across An Entire Organization

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"This edition of Ask UXmatters discusses how to communicate and sell the UX message across all levels of an organization. Our experts share what strategies and tactics for evangelizing UX have worked for them.

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Q: Executive buy-in is important, but communicating and selling the UX message across the organization, at all levels, is just as important. I would be most interested in learning more about the corporate cultures that embrace UX or customer-centered thinking and understanding more about why they have and what makes them ripe. What worked in the organizations you’ve worked for? What caused frustrations? It seems when everyone is trying to improve the user experience, it can help empower a usability / UX / design team to work on more strategic initiatives instead of facing roadblocks along the way.—from a UXmatters reader

... Communicating the UX Message

“One of the primary skills a UX professional must have is the power of persuasion,” Pabini Gabriel-Petit tells us. “You need to understand where your peers in other disciplines are coming from and communicate the message of UX to them in terms they can understand. I outlined many salient business arguments for UX in my UXmatters article ‘Why UX Should Matter to Software Companies.’ Evangelizing UX is a never-ending process and requires perseverance. Knowing what’s good for UX is good for your organization provides a great incentive for driving the UX message home every opportunity you get.”

“90% of the work of being a UX designer is evangelism,” David Malouf says."    (Continued via UXmatters, Janet M. Six)    [Usability Resources]


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