Thursday, March 19, 2009

The future beneath your fingertips

The success of the iPhone has given rise to a new grammar of touch control while the advent of multi-touch in Windows 7 will further accelerate the evolution of human computer interfaces, the South by SouthWest festival has been told.

The minute-long sequence in the film Minority Report in which Tom Cruise manipulated images on a screen using simple gestures has quickly become a cliche of future human computer interfaces.

While based on the real world science of John Underkoffler, who has since co-founded a company called g-Speak that sells the technology, it has become both the vision and barrier for many user interface and user experience designers.

The reality of standing at a giant screen and wearing special gloves may eventually render the Minority Report vision impractical, but it does reflect one certainty: the days of the mouse keyboard and desktop graphical interface are numbered.

Ben Rigby, from web firm Mobile Voter, told the conference that the "paper-like layered interface" of systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS, did not work in today's social computing world.

"It's essentially paper. we are socialising on a flat paper-like interface. This is a 30-year-old interface.

"Hollywood is leading the way and showing what the future is going to look like.""    (Continued via BBC NEWS, Darren Waters)    [Usability Resources]

The days of the mouse may be numbered. - Usability, User Interface Design

The days of the mouse may be numbered.


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