Wednesday, March 18, 2009

iPhone 3.0 OS Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Review of new additions to the iPhone ...

iPhone 3.0 OS, the next generation operating system for the iPhone, iPod touch, and whatever Apple device comes next. New features, new apps, here you will find all the information you need.

The new iPhone OS 3.0 adds over 100 new features including-at friggin’ last-cut and paste.

• Copy & Paste text. When you double-tap over text, you will get a “cut, copy, and paste” bubble dialog. Double-tap again and a “paste” bubble will appear if there’s anything stored in your clipboard.

This works across applications. You can expand your selection points using your thumbs and, if you accidentally paste something you didn’t want to paste, just shake your iPhone to undo it.

• Copy & Paste photos. You can also copy and paste photos. Now you will be able to select multiple photos by tapping the action button, copy some of them, and paste them in an email, ready to send.

• New Spotlight. iPhone OS 3.0 will allow you to search across the entire information contained in your device, no matter where, as soon as the information is supported it. If an application is written to support the new Spotlight, its data will also be available in the search."    (Continued via The Best Article Every day)    [Usability Resources]

iPhone 3.0 - Usability, User Interface Design

iPhone 3.0


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